3 Features You'll Find In Butt Plugs

3 Features You'll Find In Butt Plugs

17 February 2023
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When you visit an adult toy store with the goal of buying a butt plug, you'll see a number of standard toys. Butt plugs are made of a number of different materials and are available in several sizes, which will allow you to find the right toy with which to play. While there's nothing wrong with a standard butt plug, you may wish to try a device that has one or more unique features. Browse the available products for sale and take note of their diverse features until you find something that catches your attention. Here are three interesting features that some butt plugs offer.


Most butt plugs aren't designed to vibrate, but you'll find a selection of these devices that have a vibrating function. If you've perhaps played with a vibrator and enjoyed the sensation that it offers, you might be interested in a vibrating butt plug. Many of these devices allow you to control the intensity of the vibration. You may enjoy setting the toy to gently vibrate once it's in your body, and you can also increase the level of vibration when you wish. If you're playing with a partner, it can be fun to have them control the toy's vibration rate while you use the toy.


You'll see some butt plugs for sale that light up, thanks to one or more small LED bulbs in the part of the device that remains outside of your body. While the light doesn't change the sensation of the toy, it can add a lot of fun when you're in the bedroom with your partner. For example, you can turn on the butt plug's light, put the toy in position, and then turn off your bedroom's lights. There's little question that you'll be able to surprise your partner when they see a mysterious glow coming from your body.


There are certain butt plugs that can expand. If you have past experience with a standard butt plug and you're interested in trying something new, an expanding toy might be right for you. These toys are inflatable and are connected to a hose with a small pump. You can put the toy in place, and then use the pump to increase the air in the toy, thus making it larger. You always have the option to release a valve that deflates the toy and makes it easy to remove from your body. Visit a sex toy website to learn more.